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iPad Frame

Designed and Manufatured in Australia
Shipped Wold Wide


Zen White

Saturn White

The iPad Frames have been specifically designed to match Clipsal Saturn Zen/Ocean Mist/Pure White/Gun Metal and Reflection switches.  

Designed so that no screws are visible once installed.

While in the iPad Frame, the iPad can be charged using the integrated Genuine Apple Lightning Lead.

Avaliable On-Wall or In-Wall

CTC Wiser App

Companion application for Clipsal Wiser for CBus Automation Controller (5500/SHAC/NAC).

This application enables full screen view, with the option to :

  • entry of user name and password
  • set LAN and WAN ip address
  • set LAN and WAN port number
  • set Local Wifi name- turn off status bar
  • change status bar text colour (light/dark)
  • change the background colour for both LAN/WAN
  • change Application Icon (select for predefined list)
  • iCloud Sync of setting between devices
  • open App with URL Scheme (CTC-Wiser://)
  • enable orientation control
  • TCP Server recieves page change & play sound requests

*Note : Not all features are avaliable on Andriod version

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